Ok, Betsey is an absolute doll!

She is so sweet and cuddly. And super well mannered. Knows more commands then any dog I’ve previously had combined lol She is acting like she is already home. I don’t know how to describe it really but Kona did the same thing. My husband is already calling her perfect.

The Intern still gets nervous around her occasionally. Keep in mind he’s been around mostly immobile dogs his life. And Betsey is a big ole gal that loves to give everyone kisses. What I like is she is not at all interested in any of my son’s toys. Particularly balls. My son loves balls of all kinds. Especially sensory types that are squishy. But she doesn’t care. Isn’t stealing his stuff animals.

I’m not rushing into things. I do adore her but I’m giving it time because I went all in on Linus. And it was hard to admit it wasn’t the right fit.

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