Betsey is hired!

After my heartbreak with Linus not working out for our family, I put all the dog stuff away. And told the rescue I needed some time to regroup. Thinking I wasn’t ready for a puppy. My husband and I weren’t ready for another senior. And my son has some particular needs that may be hard to find in a rescue dog in general at this time. My plan was to just wait a while and try to accept a dogless life short term.

Then I came across Betsey’s story…

I wanted to help her so bad. And just smother her in love.

I asked the rescue if they had a foster for her. No, they said. And the deadline for her to be out of her temporary home was approaching fast. I offered to foster her on the basis that it was confirmed she had been living with a small child. The rescue had a long conversation with the woman rehoming Betsey. After that conversation, the rescue was certain that Betsey would be a good fit. She was driven six hours to me on a Saturday. By Monday morning, my husband was hooked. My son was hooked. That just left me pretending like I hadn’t already fallen in love with her that first night.

She knows so many commands. She is very well behaved. She is fantastic with my son. She is super, super energetic for a 9yo but….she is very calm and chill. She is happy to just follow me around the house and cuddle. She doesn’t interfere with work I do with my son. Or go after his toys/things. She gives him space when he needs it and covers him in kisses when he needs it. She doesn’t steal snacks off the table (the Intern loves that) She doesn’t potty in the house (my husband loves that). She barks at people that walk by the house or hang out by the back fence (I love that). If my son is having a meltdown I can tell her to lay down and she just trots to her bed, lays down and stays there till I say her name again. I can’t think of a single thing ‘wrong’ with her.

So she is going to join our family permanently. I really, really hope we get to spend a lot of time together. But whatever time I do end up getting with this 9yr old boxer mix, I will make sure she knows love every second.

Everyone knew it before I did: the right dog will find me.






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