Spoiling Betsey

When Betsey came to us in mid November, we didn’t know what she liked. We quickly figured out she wasn’t much into dog toys. No fetch, tugging or play fighting. Definitely no other dogs.

She was very interested in being around her people and loved to cuddle on the couch with us. She loves watching the Intern play and he will stop every so often to get “Betsey kisses”.

Treats seemed new to her as well. But it didn’t take long at all for her to start showing off to earn treats.

While the Intern and I were on a road trip in the Sierras, we found a doggy boutique. I bought a ton of different treats to bring home for Betsey to try out. Including a very tasty looking pumpkin doggy donut. We may be on break from social media but I thought some of you might enjoy seeing Management enjoy the spoils!






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