Gold Drip Boxer Angels

I had these guys on the studio table a long time. Finally, after some unexpected time to myself for painting (and probably more importantly motivation to paint), I finished these last gold rainbow drip boxer angels. One sold to someone on the dibs list, and the other three are awaiting forever homes. They sit patiently in the shop and are prepared to ship in time for the holidays. Six inches tall, made of solid resin and hand painted by me.






6 responses to “Gold Drip Boxer Angels”

  1. Thedogsale Avatar

    Your Gold Drip Boxer Angels are surely stunning! The complicated small print and shiny colorings make every piece a genuine work of art. The creativity and intelligence showcased in your work are clearly commendable. Thank you for sharing these lovely creations with us!

  2. pweakland434 Avatar

    Are any of these Gold dipped boxers still available?

    1. 5149acp Avatar

      Yes, I have two left in the shop now

  3. pweakland434 Avatar

    I know you are on vacation an don’t mean to bother you when you get back after the new year an vacation just send me a price so I can purchase one or both please they are beautiful

    1. 5149acp Avatar

      No bother at all. They are $175 each and the last of these that I plan on doing. If you go up to menu here and click on shop, you’ll find them there to see more pictures and if you like em, can purchase them there as well. Let me know if you have any questions or issues 🙂

      1. pweakland434 Avatar

        Thank you an will do have a Happy an Safe New Year

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