Taking our vacation on the road this weekend to the Sierras. Hoping to see Betsey enjoy some snow.

I’m starting to get messages asking when we will be back to work. Not anytime soon. But I have been adding people to the wait-list and those will be the orders I get to first when I return. But for now, I am focused on spending some quality time with my family and getting my health in order. Our first boxer rescue commitment isn’t until April so I’m not in any rush.

On a side note, I have been debating closing the Etsy shop to try a newer shop platform more conducive to our needs. If you’ve been looking at anything in the shop send me a message and I’m more than happy to get you a discount.

In the meantime enjoy more pictures of Management and the Intern here on the blog. And hopefully soon I can share some sneak peeks here of my new boxer graphic novel project.






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