The New Shop

Management and the Intern have been working together closely to help get our new shop up and running. All the links have been updated on our social media and if you click on the shop button here it will lead you to that new page. I am planning to open it up officially on the morning of Wednesday January 17th. With a few new items to make it special so to speak.

I was debating doing a few of the Kiss Me drool bubble Boxers for Valentine’s day coming up. But I am not sure that will happen with the custom card orders I still have to get through. Also, I see lot of rescues in need of donations so I may just hold back boxer stuff in anticipation of doing a fundraiser instead. So the new shop will be a display of my other artwork that is not boxer related (cue disappointment from many of you). But I do like to paint things occasionally that are not doggy related.

Commissions remain closed. I’m starting to sound like at addict at this point, swearing I will ‘quit working’ and focus on my personal life. But then I talk myself in to doing the custom cards like I do every year for Valentine’s. And then I instantly get swamped in orders as my doctor is literally telling me I need to do something about my health and stress levels…

Anyways…after the shop opens and the cards all get mailed out, I am back to trying to put myself and my family first. Luckily, my son is doing fantastic. He is really making great strides in speech therapy and he is finally starting to enjoy going to school. So the main issue is now just mommy getting her shit together 😉

Betsey aka Management is helping out tremendously. I cannot say enough about how lucky we are to have her in our lives.






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