So You Want More Management

Whenever people talk to me about the blog, they always tell me they love it. But then they add that it could have more Management stories in it. So let this be your Management fix for the week…

Since entering out home in November, we have learned quite a bit about our senior gal, Betsey:

This dog loves water. I mean she runs into it, splashes around, doesn’t care if its cold, raining, etc. If there is a puddle, she will manage to step in it.

She loves walks. Always has this big doggy smile leaving the house for one.

She loves her people.

She loves kids. Loves to lick their faces and just be close to them. She has been an excellent addition for my autistic son, knowing exactly when he needs comfort and when he needs space. She has also been a great ambassador for dogs introducing herself carefully to my very young nephew and my niece who is afraid of bigger dogs. Both of those kids have really opened up thanks to her.

She hates fireworks (what dog doesn’t?! Kona was actually the only dog I have ever had that didn’t mind or seem to notice fireworks).

She is actually ten years old (initially we were told 9) but….she does not act like it AT ALL. This dog runs everywhere, pulls on the leash, chases cats and squirrels in the yard and just wiggles like a puppy.

She has a tail, but its kinda wonky. I don’t know how else to describe it. It reminds me of Charlie Chaplin’s walk as the Tramp. It just has a cartoonish quality to it. That said, the Intern looooovvvveeesssss it.

One of her paws has only three toes.

Her favorite game is hide and seek with the Intern, or what my son calls, “Betsey’s comin!” He hides and she finds him and licks his face. They play this often.

All in all, best decision ever to adopt another senior dog. I was so reluctant at first about going down that road again and now it’s like, what was I so worried about? This is fantastic.






3 responses to “So You Want More Management”

  1. Stacey Tillotson Avatar
    Stacey Tillotson

    She sounds like an awesome addition to the family!!

  2. Gabriele Merrill Avatar
    Gabriele Merrill

    I love this for you all! Cheers to Management ❤️

  3. Marie Phillips Avatar
    Marie Phillips

    I can’t love this enough Amber and I love how you added the adorable descriptions of Betseys features but the fact she loves your son so much is my favorite part! And I’m sure being with you guys is exactly what betsey needed after her ordeal and loss!

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