BLR Virtual Walk/Run

We continued our tradition of doing the virtual Boxer Luv Rescue walk/run. Supporting their rescue boxers in Arizona. I’ve done this since Buckner was in a wheelchair so I’m excited to continue the streak with our latest Management, Betsey.

Shout out to BLR volunteer Lorie for introducing us to this event.

Betsey is a puller and she doesn’t slow down till we are in view of the house. At which point she comes to a crawl like she’s trying to stretch it out as long as possible. This was the only point for picture taking. The look on her face was the moment she saw her nemesis, the corgi from a few houses down. She DOES NOT like this corgi.

Here she is modeling the medal. Betsey seems pretty smitten about it.

Afterwards however, we did notice it was perhaps time for Betsey to get a bath. The smile disappeared from her face. I’ve never had a dog be so good with the stink eye…






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